Stephen Milligan, MP and Parlimentary Private Secretary to the Arms Minister was discovered dead in his London flat by the housekeeper in early 1994. Milligan was an independent conservative representative for Eastleigh and oddly, the date of his death varies in reports. His body was discovered clad only in items of ladies underwear and stockings draped over the kitchen table in his flat. Official reports at the time detailed a piece of cord tied to his neck and ankles and an orange slice in his mouth. Speculation that the orange slice would have been used to overcome the bitter taste of amyl nitrite abounded, but no evidence to support the theory was released.

Evidence suggested death by auto-erotic asphyxiation, though an inquest into his death returned an open verdict. No attempt was made to determine whether amyl nitrate played a role, or its origin. Milligan opposed the privatisation of British Rail on behalf of his constituents and it is unknown if his independence in that matter or role in defense played part in his untimely demise. Results of an autopsy were never released and his body was quickly cremated.

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