Do you love beef but live in an apartment with no access to a deck or porch? Maybe you have trouble working a grill, lighting charcoal or just plain hate the idea of cooking outdoors? If so, I have a quick and easy steak recipe for you!

What you will need
small yellow onion
half a clove of fresh garlic
a handful of raisins
two shitaki mushroom
red cooking wine
parsley flakes

What to do with it all
Ok, ok. So everyone knows how they like their steak, what kind of steak they prefer, etc. That's why I'm not telling you to buy t-bone, tenderloin or anything else. Get what you like. I used a thin steak of the breakfast variety. I like my beef but I wanted to make something fast - I was hungry - so I wanted to limit my cooking time.

First get a container you can let the steak soak in the wine in. I used a small casserole dish. Put the steak in it then douse it in cooking wine. You don't want it drowning in the wine, mind you, but you want about a centimeter in the bottom of the dish and some puddled on top of the steak. note: this isn't going to be a true marinade as it won't be in the concoction for hours, but it will add flavor throughout the steak, don't worry

Next you will take a handful of raisins and sprinkle them all over the steak and in the wine. No, this isn't going to add raisin flavor to the could it? The point, you ask? To add the wine flavor to the raisins, of course.

Take your half a clove of garlic and chop it up into little bits. Sprinkle this over the steak. This will add flavor to your steak so be as generous as you like. I'm not as into garlic as some people, so I use it sparingly.

Got your mushrooms? Then separate your caps from your stems, discard the stems and slice up your caps. I say slice, not chop, these are going to be yummy chunks you spear with your fork while you spear your beefy goodness. What next? You guessed it...the sliced mushrooms go onto the steak with the rest of the num-nums.

Let's see...we've got wine, garlic, mushrooms, raisins...what's left? Oh yes. Take your yellow onion and slice it in half. Then slice that in half. With the rest you will make crescent shaped slices, you know how to do it. These large curving pieces of onion are sprinkled around the dish with everything else.

You might need to add some more wine here. The steak will have been drinking it into itself some so you want to give it a bit more, which includes pouring it over the other bits you just added. Top the steak off with a couple taps from your parsley flake container then flip the steak and move on to the rest of your meal.

Prepare your sides, whatever they may be.

10 to 20 minutes (depending on the thickness of your steak of course) before your sides are ready flip the steak again and break out the aluminum foil. That's right, aluminum foil. I said there would be no grilling, didn't I?

What you're going to want to do is set your oven on broil. This done you will then place a good sized sheet of aluminum foil on your counter and your steak - removed from the wine drippins - on it. Then scoop out all the mushrooms and onions and other goodies and sprinkle them over the steak. You can spoon some of the wine on it too for that matter, just not too much. Then fold the aluminum foil up to make a packet containing your steak. Plop this on a baking sheet, and when the oven is all set slide it in.

Timing really hinges on the thickness of your steak. As mine was of the thinner variety it only took 10 minutes to cook it to a nice medium rare yumminess. After 5 minutes I removed it from the oven, opened the package, flipped the steak then reclosed it and placed it back in for another 5 minutes.

Cut the steak how you like and eat it. Reflect on its deliciousness and marvel at your lack of need for a grill.

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