One of the most popular and enduring of Vancouver-published zine-comics, Brad Yung's SAYA is a verbose, straightforward but complex look at the interactions between a quasi-autobiographical protagonist and one of his close friends / roommates as they explore the issues around "Generation X", irony, marketing and the media, irony, apathy, postmodernism, irony, existentialism, irony and post-irony.

The text of a typical strip runs as follows:

BRAD: OK, now watch: this commercial is telling us that only cool people use their product.
BRAD: Therefore, if I buy their product, I must be cool too.
BRAD: But truly cool people wouldn't need that kind of validation.
BRAD: The people who actually buy these products are pathetic, low-self esteem losers who want to appear to be cool and are too stupid to realize they've been manipulated.
BRAD: This whole ad campaign is based on a hypocritical target market and is completely contradictory to the imagery shown and the messages conveyed.
FRIEND: So, should I buy the product or not?
BRAD: Sure, but only to be ironic.
FRIEND: And irony's cool, right?
BRAD: Yeah... no... shut up...

The name of the comic is derived from a quote from Marshal McLuhan's Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man:

Individual issues can be got at $2 a piece (for approximately 30-38 zine-pages of comic plus the continuing adventures of Ninja Bear) - postage included - from (ahem)Stay as you Are and all quotes from it presented above are (c) Brad Yung. See also

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