Statesman is the greatest superhero in the Cryptic Studios game, City of Heroes.

Real name: Marcus Cole. As the superhero Statesman, his costume is styled very much like Captain America sans shield, he wears a full-face bullet shaped helmet with a nose guard (think Pippin as a Tower Guard in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King). His tight spandex uniform if of simple vertically divided blue and red with a large white star centered on his chest. For announcements and official engagements he has been known to wear a cape (obviously he's over Level 20 :-P) although he doesn't sport an aura (Level 30)...

Statesman is an Incarnate - a proposed God-related epic archetype that is meant to be a customisable mix of two playable archetypes. Based on Zeus, Statesman is a Tanker utilising Super Strength and has Incarnate powers from the Energy Blast pool. The travel power he is most seen using is Flight.

Statesman is used by Cryptic Studios as the link between the real world and the game world, appearing in the user forum, and being the spokesman for superheroes in the Paragon City Times online newspaper. With the release of a new Issue, there is generally a "Statesman's Address" published in-game and online, making him a believable and recogniseable character.

Statesman is the leader of the Freedom Phalanx, Paragon City's premiere superhero group. Along with Woodsman and the others, he has fought many battles. Most recently he has been seen in the City of Villains trailer fighting the main Arch Villain, Lord Recluse.

With that game still be released, players are most likely to come across his OTHER nemesis, his alter ego from the parallel Praetorian dimension where evil has won and Paragon City is ruled by a super villain iron fist...


Tyrant has the same skills, costume and seemingly the same following as Statesman, although through fear and anger rather than understanding and care. Defeating Tyrant, (a Level 45+ mission) awards you the badge "Statesman's Pal", an achievement that is truly something worth using as your badge title.

Cryptic Studios have done well to create a believable and likeable character that can be viewed as the "best" superhero in a game LITTERED with them. He is seen as kind and fair, dealing out judgement and punishment where needed. A true superhero.

Update 7-Sep-2005: Statesman as a real character is controlled by Jack "Statesman" Emmert, lead designer for City of Heroes.

States"man (?), n.; pl. Statesmen ().


A man versed in public affairs and in the principles and art of government; especially, one eminent for political abilities.

The minds of some of our statesmen, like the pupil of the human eye, contract themselves the more, the stronger light there is shed upon them. More.


One occupied with the affairs of government, and influental in shaping its policy.


A small landholder.

[Prov. Eng.]



© Webster 1913.

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