Watching the stars at night in the big cities (or near them) is fun, but it is certainly nothing compared to doing it in remote location, far away from the city lights.

Find yourself a dark place, away from the metropolitan areas, wait for a night with clear skies. Lay on your back on your car hood, wait until your pupils adjust and prepare yourself for the ride...

You know you have good viewing conditions when it's hard to find even the most basic constellations due to the immense quantity of visible stars and celestial objects.

Try to locate the famous constellations and guide yourself using the stars. If you live in the southern hemisphere, find the Crux. In the Northern hemisphere, the Big Dipper will help you find Polaris. The milky way is a stunning view. It's hard not to notice it in a clear sky.

Besides stars and planets, you can also locate man-made objects in orbit. You'll certainly see lots of sattelites and, with some luck, meteorites and falling sattelite debris. Given the right conditions, you can even see a Iridium flare.

Looking at a starry night sky makes me seriously consider my insignificant role in this universe.

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