A villain created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky for DC Comics. Starro first appeared in Brave and the Bold #28

As villains go, Starro the Conquerer was not one of the most terrifying villains. The main reason was that this scourge of the galaxy was a 3 ton blue starfish with a bullseye on its stomach. Starro's main ability was to hypnotize his enemies, sapping the will of his opponents.

In his first encounter with the Justice League of America, Starro transformed three ordinary starfish into his emissaries of doom. The Justice League split up defeating the three starfish and then fought Starro himself. The League was able to defeat Starro with the help of Snapper Carr, their soon-to-be teen sidekick, by pouring lime on the would-be conquerer.

Although a really bad idea to start with, Starro has reappeared over the years to menace the Justice League again.

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