Some might call them "ships," but in the Star Kingdom universe, military spacecraft are called platforms---structures designed to house and carry certain equipment for certain functions and purposes. These platforms are separated by categories (A-F). Platforms belonging to categories A-C are dangerously armed, and are capable of travelling unaccompanied and/or unsupported by other platforms. Category D platforms are always assigned to a platform of the higher categories, and are moderately armed. Categories E-F platforms are lightly armed, if at all, and always require support platforms for self-defense. In the list below, the proper technical designation for each platform is listed first, and then in parenthesis is written the unofficial designation for each platform.

Category A platforms:

  • Heavy Munitions and Carrier Combine (juggernaut, dreadnought)
  • Medium Munitions and Carrier Combine (battlecruiser, heavy missile cruiser)
  • Munitions and Carrier Combine (cruiser)

Category B platforms:

  • Hunter Killer (missile/mine deployer)
  • Heavy Support (destroyer)
  • Fast Attack (frigate)

Category C platforms:

  • Medium Support (corvette)
  • Carrier (carrier)

Category D platforms:

  • Light Munitions and Support (gunship)
  • Advanced Maneuverability (fighter)

Category E platforms:

  • Advanced Communications (satellite)
  • Enhanced Translation (jumper)

Category F platforms:

  • Mobile Medical (medplate)
  • Mass Relocation (freighter)

Each of these platforms serves a specific function. Depending on the Kingdom, every type of platform varies in size and power. Also, within each subcategory of platform, i.e. gunship, there are different classes.

Date last updated: 8/4/14

Later on, there will be additional writeups discussing the details of each subcategory of platform. For more technical and historical information, as well as narratives, go to Star Kingdom Universe Index.


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