Stan Rogers was a Canadian singer and songwriter, an icon of the Canadian folk music scene. He died in an airplane fire several years ago... some idiot was smoking in the bathroom of the plane.

Stan's most well-known song is Barrett's Privateers, however, he wrote many others which are well-known traditional Maritime standards, including the spoof song Garnet's Homemade Beer, about his brother, Garnet Rogers.

Stan Rogers' deep resonant voice, powerful imagination, innate musicality, overflowing good humor, and compassionate personality led all around to respect, admire and love him--except possibly his brother Garnet. The two of them did, at least a stage act of antipathy. And of course, Garnet could never come to prominence, except as Stan Rogers brother, as long as Stan was alive.

Stan took a later flight back from a music festival in the southern U.S. that he had planned. The fire that happenned in the plane was NOT the immediate cause of his senseless death.

The plastic foam that is the main building material of all planes, when burned, produces cynanide gas--you know, what they use to put convicted killers to death with!!

The plane made it to ground in one piece. Many people survived. Stan, true to his nature, died while trying to rescue others.

There were several prominant Canadian CEO's who died also. But their deaths do not conjure the emotion that Stan's does.

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