Pop musician whose songs "You've Got the Touch" and "Dare" are the most-remembered (and popular) numbers from Transformers: The Movie. Also won an Emmy for the song he co-wrote and performed, "'Til I Was Loved By You," a love theme used in the soap opera The Guiding Light, sang "Never Surrender" for the Jean-Claude Van-Damme movie Kickboxer, provided the song "She's Got the Power" for the American version of Sailor Moon, and did commercial jingles for products including Toyota and Coors Light. Stan was at one time considered for the lead singer spot with Foreigner.

Despite his career never quite taking off in the United States, Stan Bush is very popular in Europe and Japan. His CDs are available via his label, http://www.larecords.com, and his BotCon concert video and CDs can be found via the BotCon website.

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