A station of the D.C. Metro system.

General Information
Lines: Orange, Blue
Address: 19th Street SE and Independence Avenue SE, Washington, D.C.
Location: One entrance at the intersection of 19th Street SE and Independence Avenue SE, second entrance at the intersection of 19th Street SE and Burke Street SE
Parking: None.
Opened: July 1, 1977

Last Trains
Vienna/Fairfax-GMU, weekdays: 11:50pm
Vienna/Fairfax-GMU, weekends: 1:50pm
New Carrollton, weekdays: 12:21am
New Carrollton, weekends: 2:21am
Franconia-Springfield, weekdays: 11:50pm
Franconia-Springfield, weekends: 1:50am
Addison Road-Seat Pleasant, weekdays: 12:20am
Addison Road-Seat Pleasant, weekends: 2:20am

Bus Lines
Metrobus: 96, 97, B2, D6, E32

As might be apparent from the name, this station is near RFK Stadium (used for DC United games, concerts, and other events) and the DC Armory (which hosts circuses and other large-scale events). The opposite exit, near Burke Street, is near DC General Hospital and the DC Jail. This is also the easternmost station with both the Blue and Orange lines.

From here you can...
go back to the Metro project,
jump to the blue or orange line,
go outbound to Minnesota Avenue or Benning Road,
or inbound to Potomac Avenue.

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