Stacy Peralta was Tony Hawk before there was a Tony Hawk. If they would have had the technology at the time, he would have had at least as many video games, and still has more signature decks. And, where Hawk has a brand of shoes and clothing named for him, Peralta had half of a deck company named for him, Powell-Peralta.

The odd thing is, Peralta thought of himself primarily as a surfer. He started out being one of the leaders of the Z-boys in the late sixties. He was one of the first people to be a "skate punk." Keep in mind, this was quite a few years before the term "punk" had even been coined.

He later joined up with George Powell to form Powell-Peralta, one of the most innovative companies in skateboarding, ever. He was teammates with Alan Gelfand, but retired before Mr. Hawk joined the team.

Since his retirement, he has given up his share of the company (now called just Powell) and directed an award-winning film about Dogtown and the Z-boys, which will be released in March.

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