My hometown, St. Marys GA is a small town on the far southeast side of Georgia just above Florida. One of the "2nd oldest cities in the United States" it led a quiet existence as a paper mill town for many years. In the early 1980's everything changed when the Kings Bay Naval Submarine base was constructed, replacing the town's main industry, and bringing a large influx of outside population. St. Marys is also a major truck stop off I-95 and the gateway to Cumberland Island, a beautiful federally protected barrier island, which lies off its coast, and brings a small amount of tourism.

As a whole, growing up in St. Marys was surprisingly pleasant. Because of the mixed population, the town has all the pleasantries of the south: such as friendly people, Live Oak trees, and good fried chicken, but doesn’t get too rednecky. The schools are new and well run, and army brats make for fun company as well. Finally, the town supports a surprising little punk rock scene.

All in all, it’s a neat little place.

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