A single-malt scotch from the Campbeltown area of Scotland, Springbank is widely regarded as one of the finest scotches in the world. And because the world is ruled by a cruel god, Springbank also has perhaps the smallest production volumes amonst the major distilleries.

They say they've been distilling since 1828, but that doesn't matter much anyway, as scotch distillery dates are crap. What matters is their location and their process. In they do the whole preparation in-house, from barley to bottling. Nothing ever gets refrigerated and crosses the country in a truck. In location: Campbeltown is historically the center of scotch production. Other regions are notable for distinct flavor according to local custom and local materials; for example Islays are distinctly smoky b/c of the access to peat and lack of wood in the area. Campbeltowns are simply well-balanced.

This is the kind of scotch that makes you look into airfare to Scotland. Might be a deal, too: the current 20 year runs about US$170. I'm sucking down a 10 to fight hayfever - I'm not sure if it's working, but I no longer care.

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