Sprague Hall is a residence hall in East Campus at the University of Connecticut, named after Estella Sprague. Born in 1870, M. Estella Sprague ultimately became Professor of Home Economics (1917), Dean of the division of Home Economics and Dean of Women (1920-1926) at Connecticut Agricultural College.

  While at UConn during World War I, Sprague was state director of home economics in charge of food conservation for the Federal Food Administration. In 1914 she joined the Extension Services staff at UConn as assistant in Boys' and Girls' Clubs. These clubs got their initial start from the efforts of the state Board of Agriculture. The clubs gave canning demonstrations, and efforts like that paved the way for Connecticut's outstanding record in wartime food production.

    Ms. Sprague died in 1940, and UConn named Sprague Hall for her two years later.

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