This is a psychological game you can play with yourself. Pretend that your consciousness has just flashed forward to now, from some number of years ago. What would the you of five years ago think about what you've done with yourself? What would impress her? What would freak her out?

I played this game a few weeks ago:

Oh kay... I'm on the floor. I'm sitting on the floor with my back against the wall. Not sure where I am.

Whoa. I'm wearing some sort of messed up robe thingie. Why am I in a robe thingie? The floor: it's made of woven mats. I think that's what they have in Japan or somewhere. But why would I be in Japan? Okay, the closet doors are looking pretty Oriental, too. And the writing on this little pamphlet here on the floor looks like Japanese or Chinese or something.

The tiny cell phone and camera on that little table. Are they mine? I hope so. The table really is low. This whole room is so tiny. It's like a hotel room but where's the bed? Am I staying here? Am I on vacation?

Oh my. There's a girl sitting at the little table. She's...what... tending to her ears with a Q-tip. Okay, that's cute. She's cute. She's in black apple-print pajamas and glasses, and she hasn't looked at me yet. Who in the world could she be? Is it just the two of us, here? Don't tell me I'm actually hooked up with this adorable girl from... Where is this? Japan? It's got to be Japan. Oh, she's looking at me. That's a nice smile, there.

"What's up?"

"I just made up a game."

"What kind of game?"

"A game where I pretend that I've suddenly flashed forward to now from five years ago, and I try to figure out how I ended up here with you in Japan."

Smile. "...Oh kay."

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