In the world of Rifts, the high tech\magic RPG, the Splugorth are a race of interdimensional tyrants. They take the form of large octopus shaped things with a single gigantic eye on top of their mounds of tentacles.

As a race, the Splugorth are not very common, there are never more then a dozen or so on a given planet at once. But a single Splugorth is powerful enough to command an entire continent with minions such as Dragons, Kydian Overlords, Conservators and associated entities.

And while the Splugorth are very corrupt and evil, specializing in such things as the slave trade, drug trade, and formenting wars and disasters, the Splugorth are relativly tame compared to some of their close cousins, such as the Vampire Intelligences. Although the Splugorth like to watch people get killed in gladitorial games, there overall focus is not on conquest or genocide, but rather on making money anyway they can.

As masters of magic, psionics, technology and dirty tricks, the Splugorth, when they work together, are a powerful interdimensional force, powerful enough to take on Pantheons of Gods.

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