From Elf Sternberg's "The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik, et. al., and Related Tales".

The longest road in the known universe, the Spinward March travels in a straight line (except for the curvature of the ring) from Castle Shardik to D'Tangent Arcology, a distance of approximately five million kilometers (5 gigameters), or 2 degrees around the ring. Along the way it goes through the town of Rocchodain, and "vast mix of wildernesses and climates" (Geographic: Public Spaces, 287/0100). According to Ken The March is "a joke".

    Travellogue, Day 6, 188/0916
Every fifty years they hold a vehicle race. The rules are simple. It has to be an internal combustion vehicle, it has to have an organic driver, although drive by wire is permitted, and it has to cross the finish line with one component the same as when it began.

The "joke," points out the author, is that almost every Journal Entry contains a nod to one or more science fiction stories, serials, comic books, or what have you. Elf makes it a point to try and include something along those lines in each story, although sometimes forgets in the heat of the moment.

The name "Spinward March" was one of the early modules published with the SF Role Playing Game "Traveller". The author admits to still using the original Traveller books when writing up starships, planets, and sometimes even characters.

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