Spend the Night - the Donnas

  1. It's On the Rocks
  2. Take It Off
  3. Who Invited You
  4. All Messed Up
  5. Dirty Denim
  6. You Wanna Get Me High
  7. I Don't Care (So There)
  8. Pass It Around
  9. Too Bad About Your Girl
  10. Not the One
  11. Please Don't Tease
  12. Take Me to the Backseat
  13. 5 O'clock in the Morning

Although some may call this a rock cd for girls, it's sends a much stronger message to the guys. The cover alone screams for male attention (Four good looking California girls in pajamas). Some of the songs will have this band's female audience saying "I can totally relate!" (Dirty Denim, I Don't Care), but the strength of the albulm lies in the lyrics that guys wish they were hearing come out the mouths of hot girls (Take it Off, Too Bad About Your Girl). The late 1990's saw the rise in popularity of feminist "rock" that sent out the message that guys are bad and man-hating is good. The Donnas are so refreshing because they sing about something that not only guys but girls want too, SEX, without being a bunch slutty pop princesses. On top of their genuine lyrics, they sound pretty damn good too, going back to the good old days when rock was, well, rock. 'Spend the Night' gives listeners the impression that the good heavy sounds that came out of the 70's and 80's have not been totally forgotten (AC/DC, Van Halen, ect.). All in all, both guys and girls can enjoy this albulm as it really does rock!

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