The self-proclaimed "Master of War," Spekkio inhabits the End of Time in the game Chrono Trigger. No one, not even Gaspar, knows what Spekkio actually is, nor what he(?)really looks like, because he looks different to different people. If you are not particularly tough, he will look like a small furry animal. As you get tougher, he looks like tougher and togher creatures, until eventually he looks like the towering Masa and Mune character, and has corresponding strength. Sometimes, if you are able to beat him (which can be rather tough), he will give you a magic or speed tab.

Spekkio has the power to bestow magical capabilities on humans in accordance with their elemental alignments (water, fire, lightning, etc). Whenever you pick up a new character, it is an excellent idea to introduce them to Spekkio, who will grant them their particular magic power.

Any battle damage or MP usage you incur while fighting Spekkio is automatically restored. (If you use ethers or elixirs, you don't get them back.)

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