Specific Harm Music was claimed to be the record label of John Mayer, but it appeared in the fine print of a multi-fold CD insert along with SONY BMG, Aware Records, and ASCAP. There was a sticker on the CD that said something like For More Fun, Play on a Computer. It is suspected of having installed AOL and an aggressively malicious SONY Rootkit virus which caused actual damage charged against Microsoft and the RIAA at their own standard rates for aggravated IP theft. I have not signed any EULA agreement to Corporate Abuse so I hold them fully accountable.

GM was once held accountable for not providing airbags.
Microsoft is likewise accountable for willfully negligent omission of disk write protection switches throughout the entire Windows OS line, and SONY is accountable for creating viruses.

"Windows has performed an illegal operation and must be shut down".

Providing requested sources would be obviously illegal.

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