"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
Much PAIN but still time.
There is GOOD out there.
Conduit CLOSING bell sound"

The wheat rustles softly in the wind as the farmer surveys his crop in Sparsholt, Hampshire. As he reaches up to take his hat off he lets out a long surprised whistle. It is August 14, 2002 and his crops have just become the canvas for a most astounding crop circle formation.

The design is intricate, but so large that our poor farmer cannot make it out unless he hops into his helicopter to see it from the air. What he would see is a fantastic image that set this crop circle apart from any and all others. This formation holds an instantly recognizable image; A malevolent "gray" (See picture at http://www.temporarytemples.co.uk/2002-face.html) cloaked in shadow accompanied by an intricate circle design. Apparently crop circle makers had tired of trying to communicate through purely mathematical and artistic imagery. Not only did it have a clear picture of an alien, but the circle design held a code that when broken spelled out the message at top.


This formation is oblong and employs a raster technique, using lines in the same manner that a newspaper might use different sized dots to convey an image. The alien looks like it comes straight out of Star Trek. The circle holds a code in the same manner that a CD does, beginning at the center and spiraling out to the edge. Convert the code to binary, which represent numerals, which represent ASCII characters, and you come up with the "Beware..." message, capitals and all. Taking all this into consideration leads to the conclusion that this crop circle reeks of human technology.


Option 1. It's a hoax, which means that hoaxers now can pretty much do whatever they can imagine in design and construction. However, none of the traditional signs of hoaxing were at the site. Also, the crop was dry and brittle but showed no signs of having been crushed as it was laid down.

Option 2. Option X-Files, it's the government, the infamous 'they'. The military now has "advanced air-borne computer equipment and technology which from satellites or airplanes can in essence make most anything." The raster technique and what seems to be the necessity of a GPS used in the construction point away from the traditional hoax done by a couple of good old boys in the middle of the night.

Option 3. It's our scary gray in the picture that did it. Of course, if he's the chap that's going to bring us "Much PAIN" it doesn't make sense that he would go announcing himself in such a grandiose fashion.

Option 4. It's yet another benevolent force that wishes to warn us of these scary aliens. This options leaves open all kinds of possibilites. Is it another alien race? beings from another dimension? ourselves in the future?

Option 5. The Earth dreams. Of course you'd have to suppose then that the Earth is alive. Were it to be an intelligent being then the math and artistry of crop circles certainly could corroborate that. However, that explanation can really only be applied to this crop circle if Mother Earth has been checking out Steven Spielberg movies from the 80s.


This formation just doesn't look and feel right from the start. However, let's see if we can bring some logic into this. Hoax or not, the Sparsholt circle maker is certainly not the maker of other crop circles. This one has no intricate and profound geometries in its design. At closer look, near to the ground, the wheat is not bent in a woven formation. Many unexplainable (ie, not a hoax) circles have intricate weaving patterns in the way the wheat is laid down.

Whether the message comes from good or bad forces it is meant to evoke an emotional response, namely fear. If it is a warning, where's the help? If we are to Beware, what are we to be wary of? The message claims that there is "GOOD out there," but only someone from English speaking areas on Earth would refer to space as 'out there.' Apparently our communicator is picking up slang. But with such mastery of the language it is still intent on speaking pidgeon. It's an old movie trick to convey an outsider/foreigner. "Me Tonto, you white devil." This communication doesn't even pretend to be rational.

  • The "EELRIJUE" in the message hasn't been deciphered by anybody. One person proposed BELIEVE, and this would make sense within the context of the message. It could also be another system of coding entirely.
  • Further delving into the meaning of this crop circle bears bears a comparison to the Chilbolton formation. The Chilbolton circle is believed to be a response to the 1974 message devised and sent into space by Carl Sagan. Unlike the Sparsholt code, the Chilbolton code is comprised of universal systems of communication like prime numbers and binary rather than human systems like ASCII.
  • This formation was constructed at the same time that the movie Signs was released. In the film crop circles herald the invasion of a race of malevolent aliens bent on harvesting human lives. Beware indeed.
  • Logic points to the fact that the maker of this formation has something to lose if we are able to decipher the communication in other more typical crop circles. It sheds a bad light on crop circles in general: it either points to hoax or if genuine, would have us fear that communication.
  • The only glaring sign of hoaxing is a small LED device that was found near the site soon after the formation was reported. The device had a glue coating and was still functional which means that it was dropped recently as it had not had time to weather or run down. Possibly it was used for communication with an airborn craft to coordinate the design? You can see a picture of the device at http://www.cropcircleresearch.com/articles/images/uk02dl/22.jpg

If anyone has any thoughts or further information on the subject, please /msg me and let me know

...conduit closing

http://www.mightycompanions.org/ (sorry, you'll have to find them from here as the link has been 404'd, I can't keep up)
http://www.temporarytemples.co.uk (sorry, you'll have to find them from here as the link has been 404'd, I can't keep up)

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