EP: Sound Sensor
Artist: Infinite Scale
Label: Toytronic
Released: 2005
Summary: Pleasant, well-polished music that's both warm and glimmering.

For the most part, Sound Sensor consists of relaxing music that doesn't demand your attention, yet stands up to scrutiny. Fans of Boards of Canada will feel at home with this release.

The first and last tracks feature IDM-style over-the-top percussion contrasting pleasant melodies. In my opinion, these tracks are OK but nothing special.

The second track, Ghost, is a well-balanced mixture of elements, with no single sound fighting for your attention. A warm sub-bass and a simple rhythm compliment the pads, melody and quirky noises well. The end result is a very pleasant piece of music.

In-Motion is a warm, beatless affair with pads and glimmering sounds. It's very enjoyable, although again, nothing amazing.

The other two tracks are my favourites. With Infinite Scale's simple use of acoustic drum samples to augment the warm, inviting main music, these tracks sound uncannily like some of Boards of Canada's output. These two pieces of music alone justify the purchase of this EP.

Considering the fact that this is Infinite Scale's first release, it's surprisingly well-polished. It's also a joy to listen to. You'd be well advised to keep an eye on him over the next few years. Just like Ochre's A Midsummer Nice Dream, released by the same record label, this is an exceptional debut.

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