"Soul Music Around The Clock Around The World"

UK based Internet Radio Station specialising (surprisingly) in Soul Music of an impressive variety.

Owned by Global Radio Streams Inc., a rather young company with an interest in niche-music streaming, the stations studios are in the U.K., with their servers standing in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fortunately their range of music is not limited to contemporary dull soul but showcases 30 years of black music, from Northern Soul, Latino and Acid Jazz to eighties electric soul, funk and even a tad of deep house.

The main reason for the unusually broad spectrum of music for a niche station like 24-7 is their incredible line-up of ca 40 DJ's: Legends like Eddie Piller, the founder of the Acid jazz label, Whatmusic's Gary Corben and their peers force their very own taste in music onto us, and most of the time it's a deeply exhilirating experience.

Feedback with the DJ's is quite easy, as most of the show's are being done live, so requests can be dealt with quite liberally.

Available on www.soul24-7.com, it's worthwhile to check out!

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