An actual sea shanty, which is mildly surprising because its much more gentle and lyrical than most of its ilk. A truly lovely melody with a beautiful second stanza and haunting ending, I would gladly either post a copy of it somewhere or sing it to anyone who calls me.

Gone are the days when I would go traveling
Over the sea as a sailor.
Seeking the breeze my dreams went unraveling
Far from the memories on the shore.

My song of the sea you bring me a melody
Of faces and voices that call me;
I find myself yearning for the sea,
The Sea,
Chasing the morning and wandering free.

Come and sail on the morning and follow a star;
Tomorrow is calling and I must be gone.
For we must be sailing to know where we are;
We are ships on the sea and must keep moving on.

I find myself yearning for places I used to be,
Chasing the morning and missing the land.
There’s no home,
for the sailor,
On the sea or the sand.

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