German for "soldier".
An on-line sidescrolling freeware game that plays like a cross between Unreal Tournament and Abuse.

I like this game. Everything is highly customizable; hair, headgear, chains, skin color, and clothing color are all changeble. There are several weapons, and the game isn't exactly graphics-intensive, so it runs smoothly even on my old machine. Not to mention that you can fly. It even comes with its own mapping tool, which comes in quite handy, as the maps that come packaged with Soldat only last so long.

You can get Soldat at

And now, the guide...


Basic Pistol -- This is a backup weapon. Dont expect much. Clip: 7

Desert Eagles -- Like the last one, except you can acutally get few frags with this one! And, it looks cooler. Clip: 7

HK MP5 -- Fast and leathal. This is my weapon of choice. New to the game? Pick this. Clip: 30

AK-47 -- More heavy-duty automatic, not as fast. Clip: 40

Stevr AUG -- This is one fast SOB. Somewhat innacurate, though, and just doesnt have that ZING to it that the HK does. Clip: 30

SPAS-12 -- Oh man, this thing is FUN. I regret I didn't try it sooner. Like any FPS, the shotgun shoots out pellets. However, in this, you can actually see the pellets fly through the air, hit someone, and lop off half their health. Clip: 7

Ruger 77 -- I wondered how they would work a sniper rifle into this. The map i was playing on didn't allow for much sniping, but I bet it'd be useful on CTF_RUN. Clip: 4

M79 -- A rocket launcher! Sort of. It fires like the sniper rife, and explodes on contact. Hrm. Clip: 1

Barret M82A1 -- DAMAGE UP THE WAZOO. And irritatingly long time between individual shots. Clip: 10

FN Minimi -- Take the AUG and give it a bigger clip. Tone down damage to compensate. Clip: 50

XM214 Minigun -- This weapon has no accuracy. What does it have, may you ask? A giant clip, faster rate of fire than it deserves, and the letter "X" in its name. Clip: 100

Grenades -- These are simple. You hold down your greande key, they fly, and stuff explodes. Clip: N/A

Flamethrower -- This thing is neat. It only lasts for 15 seconds, but you get to set people on fire! Clip: 200, and you'll never get through it all.

Rambo Bow -- Only appears in Rambomatch. Reloads super fast, one hit kills, and a giant health bar combo make for a winning package!


Cluster Greandes -- The most common powerup, this turns your grenades into cluster bombs. Basically, when they hit something, they toss out 5 smaller grenades, which explode on contact.

Berzerk -- All your weapons (yes, even the backup pistol) have one-hit-kill capacity for 15 seconds. You can tell someone has A Berzerk by the red blood-ish stuff floating up from them.

Flame God -- Gives you the flamethrower for 15 seconds.

Bulletproof Vest -- Reduces damage, somewhat.

Preadator Mode -- This is cool. It lasts 30 seconds. It makes you invisible. Your gunfire is silent. Mind you, they can still *see* your gunfire. And your jet boots.

Game Styles

Deathmatch -- Kill everyone else more than they kill you.

Pointmatch -- Same as deathmatch, except you get double points if you have the yellow flag.

Teammatch -- 2-4 Teams (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta) duke it out. Other than the fact that you have allies, its Deathmatch.

Capture the Flag -- Get the other team's flag and bring it back to your base (25 points for capture). You must have your own flag to capture.

Rambomatch -- Only time the Rambo Bow appears. The Rambo Bow gives you a GIANT HEALTH BAR. Only the person with the Rambo Bow gets points for a kill.

Means "soldier" in many languages.

Soldat is an interesting little multiplayer game. I'd like to pretend it is that fairly realistic team based shoot-em-up you played last week to start with, and explain the differences.

Soldat is 2 dimensional, but you have jet boots which make up/down movement almost as easy as left/right. Thus, you can dodge in just as many directions as in that other game. But (on the bright side) this also means that there are far more teamkills. This prevalance of accidental teamkills, and the innate undefeatable lagginess that Soldat has make it an extraordinarily amusing game, provided you don't take it too seriously.

The beauty of Soldat is in the movement. In that respect it's almost a platform game, like N. Jumping over skips and the like without losing your momentum is exceedingly difficult, especially when some lucking scumbag is spraying bullets in your direction, so you if you jump too high you'll hit the ground as mush. Desperately chasing after an enemy has rarely been more fun, and less realistic.

According to the website, Soldat has a "Large community". I would describe the community as small but vibrant. At certain times there will be few well populated servers. On the other hand, after a month or two's playing you'll be greeted by half the server when you join. Unless you're one of those silent types.

Altogether, an interesting little game.

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