An amusing toy of the Made in Taiwan variety. You put it in a fish tank and It Will Be Woken Up By Water And Look So Alive!!

Bungie Software used to have a webcam pointed at their Soffish, located at <>. Now the page is but a a bitter shell of its former self.

Full text from the packaging:
SOFFISH: The only water stuff item!!
Soffish Will Be Woken Up By Water And Look So Alive!!

Put Soffish in water and watch it grow.
Soffish can easily absorb water. 
Put Soffish in fish-globe or bottle as indoor decoration. 
As bath-toy is also very fun. 

This Soffish do not eat.
Not recommended for age under 3.
Put Soffish in a half-filled bottle, the water will be absorbed soon.
Transparent resin might come out of the Soffish. If so, clean it with water.
Do not keep Soffish in water too long.

Real fishes might hurt human body. Soffish is 100% harmless.
Put Soffish beside real fish as indoor decoration is also fun.

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