An unfortunate fraternity on skis that may or may not be exclusive to mountain states like Colorado. The typical Snow Bro is not much different from the average frat boy in terms of sociopolitical outlook, attitude towards things outside of their immediate experiences, and conspicuous consumption of beer and pot. The more unique factors to the boys of winter is their physical appearance with a higher occurrence of facial hair, tattoos based on nautical and retro themes, and snowboard related clothing.

The interesting part (sarcasm aside) is that there really seems to be a commonality between snow bros. The sense of community shared by their common affection for extreme sports is actually kinda touching.

Standard uniform: khaki or olive drab cargo pants, new school hiking shoes, bar or snowboard company t-shirt, and omnipresent cell phone to shout "Dude, that rocks" into when anything more interesting than paint drying happens.

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