In short: money off shit.

A Snapfax consists of two credit card sized slim magnets, which are used to hold a concertina of paper, upon which is printed a wide variety of discounts for local establishments.

There's a different one for each city, with different companies in each one. The Glasgow edition has offers for restaurants - big chains as well as local places - it's got Burger King and Los Borrachos in there, drinking establishments - with many 2-for-1 offers on selected nights, free or discounted entry to clubs, and money off at clothes shops, electronics places, even kilt hire - pretty much everything, really.

Snapfaxes are distributed free to students at the start of the university term, and are also available for free from their website at, or by sending a cheque for £3 to their office in Edinburgh.

They're available for the following cities:
Aberdeen - Bristol - Birmingham - Brighton - Cardiff - Dundee / St. Andrews - Edinburgh - Glasgow - Liverpool - Leeds - Manchester - Newcastle - Nottingham - Oxford - Paisley - Sheffield

Just one thing to bear in mind: Don't keep it in your wallet! Magnets plus credit cards equals blank credit card!

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