1978 martial arts movie, english dub released in the USA by Cinematic in 1982.
Directed by Yuen Woo-Ping.
Written by Shiao Loong, See-Yuen Ng, and Chi-Kuang Tsai.
Starring Jackie Chan, Yuen Siu Tien, Hwang Jang Lee, Roy Horan.
Also known as She xing diao shou, Bruce Vs. Snake in Eagle's Shadow, The Eagle's Shadow.

Up until 1995 I was always kinda an on and off fan of martial arts movies, always remembering saturday afternoon kung-fu theater fondly from when I was growing up, and the mid-80's were the best years for that sort of stuff too, at least on syndicated TV in the United States. But then I saw this movie, and it totally made me see these sorts of movies in a different light...well not entirely, but it made me appreciate them as real movies instead of cheese that they were always presented as. And not really for any major reasons too, just a lot of little things. But it was all little things that made me want to watch many more kung-fu flicks. And the hillarious dub definitely helped. I wonder how close it was to the screenplay Even though I know most of the old dubs aren't that close, I'm sure they're closer to the source than the Dimension/Miramax butchering of Twin Dragons.

I guess I'll make a list of things I love/anecdotes I have about this movie...and the list will grow as I remember stuff/rewatch the movie:

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