So, DEB's bizarre smoked fish craving has returned. DEB is definitely the fish-eating half of gin soaked, and LPM was horrified when DEB revealed that she had spent £15 (US$20, AU$30) on a selection of smoked fish, in one go. There's a lot of meals in that £15, but if you dislike fish, it can be slightly overwhelming.

Over the course of a week, DEB has indulged in smoked salmon carbonara, smoked haddock fish cakes (twice), and smoked mackerel and salad. So what, possibly, can be left? Quite a few things, truth be told, but she settled on smoked trout pâté. It's an easy way to make an expensive fish go a long way. If you'd rather use smoked salmon or smoked mackerel, either can be substituted. It makes a very elegant starter, served with wholemeal toast. Or serve it the same way for lunch, along side some salad. The vegetarian alternative is what DEB calls chatzilim — a smoked aubergine dip that's similar to baba ghanoush, but isn't. Delicious; just not what you need when you're craving smoked fish.

Ingrediments for four (two fish-eaters and two non-fish-eaters) as a starter, with vegetarian left-overs


  • Fishy
    • Break up the smoked trout. Place it in a food processor along with all the other ingredients.
    • Blend.
    • Chill.
    • Serve.

  • Non-fishy
    • Prick the aubergine all over, with a fork, and place under a hot grill until it has blackened and turned soft. You will need to turn it occasionally.
    • Allow the aubergine to cool, then slice it in half lengthways, scoop out the tender flesh, and place in a sieve to drain.
    • When it has drained, place in a bowl and mash with a fork. Mix in the garlic and lemon juice, and begin to add the olive oil or mayonnaise. It probably won't need more than two tablespoons to become a smooth paste. Season with salt and pepper, taste-test for flavour balance, and taa-daa!

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