I first saw her as she worked her way to the DJ booth. She swished past me and I felt that little stream of electricity shoot up my spine. Unfortunately after fracturing a vertebrae several years ago those streams make my neck crack. The first word she heard from me was, "Graahh..." (in a grunting sigh sort of way not as in alarm and surprise). She stood with the DJ for a few minutes, I stole a few side-long glances at her. Cute butt...

So I am shy. Most people would adamantly disagree after talking with me for 5 minutes, but I really am. Her friend came back up and retrieved me from the back of the bar. I was drinking alone, and, "That is just not right!" according to her friend. Unfortunately I saw her chatting with some other guy. He was, how shall I say... friendly with her body.

As the night wore on, I wore on her defenses, chatting about her schooling, her job, arguing over what defined cheating. She was a little bundle of energy and fun. The type that seems adept at ripping your heart out without realizing it. She pulled me out to the dance floor. Fortunately, I remember some of my dance classes from Highschool. West coast swing, done to dance/hip-hop is very entertaining. I think the key to dancing is confidence, I was swinging her around the dance floor, looking like I knew exactly what I was doing. I was pretty much making it up as I went though, she didn't mind.

We were going out to eat after the bar, but what would your boyfriend say? It was already 12:30am, food would take us until 1:30 at least. As a friend once told me, "You have a knack for making girls forget they are with someone else." We spent five more hours together that night. And I remember them all.

I have been wearing a smile for two days now, every time I think of her smiling face it makes me warm inside. She gave me a 50/50 chance at hearing from you again, what with him and all. I don't want to live with 50/50, I guess I don't have any choice. I'll have to be happy with my memories of her, until she remembers me.

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