Now, we all know that the sledge-o-matic can do some really great stuff. It doesn't slice, or dice, but it does smash. And it does it well. You can take whatever you like; an apple, a watermelon, M&Ms, even your car! It takes care of those nasty body parts left over from your shotgun mutilations. And clean up is easy! Just take off the handle and throw it in the dishwasher. It's that easy! Can you think of a better value? I didn't think so! Plus! If you order in the next 30 minutes we'll throw in this handy vacuum cleaner cover. Perfect for keeping dust off of your vacuum! Don't take our word for it though, here's what some of our customers are saying:

"Wow, it's really great. I didn't think that human heads could be smashed like pancakes and packed away so easily!"

"If there's one thing this world needs, it's more people like Don Anderson and the rest of the team who created this wonderful product."

Let's go to the phones to hear what people are saying right now!. "Hello, you're on the air." "Hi, I just wanted to say that I received your product, but there seems to be some sort of..." "So you got the product, right? That's thanks to our speedy overnight delivery. That means that if you order it in the next 27 minutes, you can get it by tomorrow!" "Yes, I got it but the handle keeps coming o..." "Yes, the handle! Isn't it great! That's genuine bunny skin right there. You can't get that kind of quality anywhere else. I'm so glad you love the product, thank you for calling."

Well, there you have it, actual proof from the people who have tried it that this is truly a great product. Don, thanks for coming on and showing this to us. And to everyone else, We'll see you next time on Sledge-O-Matic TV!

Fade to black.

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