This is one of the Carnegie Mellon University school songs. It is sung by the Kiltie Band. I don't know the author of the lyrics.

Skibo Song:
Where ever we go, whatever we do,
We'll always have a thought for you,
Skibo! Skibo!
The days we spent at CIT will ever in our memories be,
Skibo! Skibo!
And when we go to face the world and start on our careers,
Our ears will still be ringing with those good old Tartan cheers,
With a C-A-R-N-E-G-I-E Tech!
Carnegie Tech!

Before merging with the Mellon Institute, Carnegie Mellon University was known as Carnegie Tech. One of the buildings at Carnegie Tech was a student center named Skibo. Skibo was named after Skibo Castle, a castle in Scotland belonging to Andrew Carnegie, the founder of Carnegie Tech. There are several locations on Carnegie Mellon's campus named after Skibo, including the old gymnasium and a coffee shop in the University Center. There used to be a student center named Skibo Hall near the center of campus, but it was torn down to make room to build the new University Center and the football field.

There is some debate as to whether Skibo is pronounced SKEE-bo or SKY-bo. The song is sung with the second pronunciation, but all the buildings use the first pronunciation.

There is also a parody of the Skibo Song, the Skibo Drinking Song.

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