American Christianity is really, really obsessed with a vengeful, punishing God. 

The work of Jack Chick and legions and generaions of hellfire and brimstone preachers don't see the Gospel as good news, a story of forgiveness and love but one of an ever wrathful abusive father figure. It's why many, many people have walked away from Christianity. 

The pornographic cartoon Oglaf parodies this with the religion of Sithrak, the Blind Gibberer God. His priests exhort people to live as long as is humanly possible - because regardless of how good or bad people are, he is ready in a torturous afterlife to rain eternal punishment and suffering on everyone regardless of their deeds on earth or morality.

Some have actually posited that the God of the Old Testament and the New Testament are literally two different people, the Gnostic sect believed that the Old Testament God was a false, demi-God and that Jesus reached out further to the real God of love and tolerance. That's from people who read the punishment and smiting heavy narrative of the former with the peace and love bent of Jesus. This itself was parodied by Sithrak's narrative as having him admit that the verses (which he admits writing) were just angsty teenage poetry.

To complete the parody and tongue in cheek narrative, the site actually allows you to purchase Sithrak tracts, which are a pitch-perfect parody in terms of style and content of the Jack Chick tracts.

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