A multi-player Shockwave game in which the goal is to reign supreme over all the other girls in your school by teasing, scratching, and occasionally tattling while -- and this is the important part -- making friends who will watch your back.

After all, a tease only works when two or more players tease someone, and teams can watch out for each other. Make new friends -- and new mortal enemies -- at sissyfight.com.

Playground game disturbingly close to the reality of growing up in girl world. Players scatch, tease, cower, lick lollypops or tattle on everyone. You get to choose to be the pretty girl with blonde pigtails or the ugly one with the green complexion. I guess that is the fantasy part... you get to select your own face and plastic surgery is free.

Strategy depends on who you are playing with. It is definitely good to make alliances; sometimes you can do that by staying quiet, sometimes by being loud, obnoxious and using humour. Once I won a game by begging the other players to kill me the entire time...

Sometimes I will be playing and enjoying bantering with everyone and suddenly I notice that they are all between 12 and 14. Oh my god. The 12 year old boy is right when he tells me to 'get a life'.

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