Real name Shane Dunbar. An Usenet kook and troll, who gained "fame" in and (and apparently under name Alacorn in in... 1997 or so. Also appeared in other groups.

Famous quote: "I used to be an atheist until I realized I was god."

No logic. Assault. Misogyny. Offense. Troll and kook to the sixth power. Not a funny person - er, thing.

Personally, I don't remember much of him, but I think he said he came to to discuss the "role and meaning of dragons in contemporary society", and was annoyed because the group was sillier than what the thought was appropriate. (Note: While a.f.d is ocassionally extremely light-hearted, a serious discussion is definitely not unheard of!) For example, he called me an idiot. I took that as a compliment. (See pedophile for extended discussion of this phenomena of kook language).

Oh, and he had a funny habit of separating paragraphs with lines that had single colon, instead of using empty lines like everyone else.

I called him "Schnitzel", myself. Not that a.f.d's dragons would eat people anymore, but...

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