Sindarin pronouns and pronominal suffixes ("enclitics")

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This list is compiled from Ryszard Derdzinski's grammar, and HKF's Sindarin course.


sen "this"
tan "that
ent "yon"

Personal pronouns & suffixes:

1st singular: -n

im "I"; -n
nin "me"
nín, -(e)n "my"

1st singular genitive:

anim "for myself"
enim" "to me"

2nd singular: -ch (fam.); -l (pol.)

chin "you" (familiar); le "thou" (polite)
dative le "to thee"
genitive chín, -ch "your" (fam.); lín, -l "thy" (pol.)

3rd sg.: -0 (nil)

(From Etymologies:
ho, hon, hono "he"
he, hen, hene "she"
ha, hana "it"
huin, hîn, hein(*) "they")
e "he, she"
genitive dîn "his" (or dín ?), or tín
den "it"

(*) to later hain, borne out by the example of "Im Narvi hain echant" [LotR]

1st plural: -m

mín, men "we"
amen "for us/of us" (< *an men)
genitive vín "our, ours"

2nd plural: -ch (fam.); -l (pol.)

chin "you" (fam.); le "you" (pol.)
genitive: chín, -ch (fam.); lín, -l (pol.)

3rd pl.: -r

hain "them, they"
ti, sain "they"; le "thee" [Imladris only]; aen [movie]
genitive: tîn

The reflexive possessive is în, c.f. Scandinavian sit/sin


man "who"
ma, man "what"
mar "when"
mas "where

Relative pronoun: i


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