Simple Green is a Huntington Beach company that makes non-toxic, biodegradable household, automotive, industrial, and marine cleaning products. Their concentrated all-purpose cleaner rocks my world. It can be used for everything from automotive cleaning to laundry, depending on how much you dilute it. Its active ingredient is something called Butyl Cellosolve (a.k.a. undiluted 2-butoxyethanol), and it has a pH of about 9.5, as compared to between 11 and 14 for products such as ammonia, bleach, and lye.

Other Simple Green products include hand cleaning gel, antibacterial cleanser, scrubbing pads (think Brillo), carpet and upholstery cleaner, automotive cleaner/degreaser, and what are probably the most powerful moist towelettes of all time.

The Simple Green company website,, has all the information you could possibly want about their products, including Materials Safety Data Sheets, which I personally find oddly fascinating reading.

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