The Point & Click adventure has changed over the years, and Simon the sourcerer, whilst still being an Adventure, is no longer Point and Click. Except in the manor that you Point Simon at the object and click the keys, I suppose. The game is supposed to be based on a highly modified version of the same engine used for Prince of Persia 3D, a game which, despite it's release in last autumn last year, is already in the budget section of most of my local Game shops.

We can assume that the game will involve a direct control of Mr Sorcerer, partly because of the given engine, and partly because of the fact that the game supposedly contains (shudder) Arcade Elements. We can only hope that they have studied the action sequences of Full Throttle with care, and now know what to and what not to do.

It will, assumedly, contain more of the humour of the other games, possibly for better or for worse, considering the reaction of many people to the humour of the last couple of games. Although it has to be mentioned that I quite liked it. I hold the same reservations about this as I do about MI4, in that I'm not sure if such an established style of humour and of game-play will translate well into the 3rd dimention without losing some of it's nature, or worse if it tries to translate directly and just doesn't work (like the "instant death" stuff which made Prince of Persia 1 and 2 classics, and relagted the third outing to the bargin bins of mediocrity.

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