Born in 1955, in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, England, he is the author of quite a few best-selling science fiction and fantasy books. Although he has been writing since 1973, his career didn't take off until 1988, when he sold seven books, and another two in the next year.

Perhaps best known by main-stream readers for the novelization of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, his other books have attracted many fans, although his name still isn't a headliner, yet.

His novels include the Deathstalker series, a five book epic, which is one of the best examples of space opera around. Containing starships, aliens, psionics, swordfights, elfs (of a different sort), clones, rebels, druggies, and more.

The Hawk & Fisher books are also popular. Set in a fantasy world, it is similar to the Deathstalker books in the swashbuckling style it follows. Following the adventures of Hawk & Fisher, husband and wife city guards, most of the stories revolve around some central mystery. There are also some books in the same universe, most notably Blue Moon Rising.

While not always the deepest, or most meaningful, of books, you can count on Green to provide some great adventure, with entertaining characters and great settings.

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*note that many titles were different in the UK, sometimes with unnecessary u's, and sometimes just different.

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