Sir Simon Milligan, played by Kevin McDonald in a series of Kids in the Hall sketches, is the host of a Satanic television show, the Pit of Ultimate Darkness. Also appearing is his manservant Hecubus.

"For those of you without a brave heart, get up, go to your television sets and turn the station. Go ahead, exercise your right to be a coward. Now, for those of you with a brave heart and for those of you who have stayed, look into my face and know, to look into my face is to look into the face...of EVIL! Yes, I am a man possessed by many demons. Polite demons that would open the door for a lady carrying too many parcels, but demons nonetheless! Yes, I have walked along the path of evil many times, it's a twisting, curving path, that actually leads to a charming block garden, but beyond that, evil!"

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