These are taken, with permission, from a handout I received in health class.

Signs you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol:

  • You can't predict whether or not you will use drugs or alcohol
  • You believe that in order to have fun you need to drink or use drugs
  • You turn to alcohol and/or drugs after a confrontation or argument, or to relieve uncomfortable feelings
  • You drink more or use more drugs to get the same effect that you got with smaller amounts
  • You drink and/or use drugs alone
  • You have trouble at work or school because of your drinking or alcohol
  • You have ever gone to work or school while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • You have lapses in your memory
  • You feel alone, scared, miserable, and/or depressed

Signs that someone you know may have a problem with drugs or alcohol:
Does the person exhibit these signs?:

  • Getting high on drugs or drunk on a regular basis
  • Lying about things, or the amount of drugs or alcohol they are using
  • Avoiding you and others in order to get high or drunk
  • No longer showing an interest in activities they used to do such as sports or hanging out with friends who don't use drugs or alcohol
  • Constantly talking about drugs or alcohol
  • Believing that in order to have fun they need drugs or alcohol
  • Pressuring others to use drugs or alcohol
  • Getting in trouble with the law
  • Taking risks; including sexual risks and driving while intoxicated
  • Feeling run-down, hopeless, or suicidal
  • Missing work or class for a drug or alcohol related incident
  • Being intoxicated at work or school
  • Poor work performance as a result of drinking or using drugs

If a significant portion of these signs are true for yourself or someone you know, it may be a good idea to seek help from a professional. You can learn more about treatment options near you by calling 1-800-662-4357 toll free anywhere in the USA..

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