The shtriga is a vampirelike witch found in Albania, and can be compared to the strigon, a witch found in Slovenia; the strigoi, found in Romania; and the vjeshtitza of Montenegro. The word shtriga is derived from the Latin word strix, meaning 'screech owl', and refers to the flying demons, whom are said to attack only at night.

The Albanian shtriga was typically seen as a woman who lived in secret within the community. It was generally hard to identify her, however, a telltale sign was a young girl's hair turning white. To catch said witches, nailing a cross of pig bone to the door of a church on a day when the community gathered there was rumored to lock any shtriga inside the church when this happened, as they would be unable to leave past the cross; and following the suspected shtriga at night to see if she would vomit the blood she had sucked out of her victims. Typically, if one could gather this vomited blood, it was said to be a highly effective safeguard against further attacks.

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