My dog is not intelligent. In fact, I do not hesitate when calling him idiotic. American Bulldogs are not know for their brains. But despite this, I still find ways to give him the respect all living things deserve. Here are some simple examples:

  • When I take him outside to do his business, I first check to make sure he’s in the right yard, and then I turn my back to provide the poor guy with some privacy. I’m sure any dog would appreciate this.

  • I take his collar off before I go to bed, so he won’t have to sleep with metal tags poking his throat. Also, I never leave his choke chain on unless he’s outside. Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to live with a heavy chain around your neck for anyone to grab?

  • I talk to him as if he could understand the words I say. I know he can’t, but I will not embarrass others or myself by making faces and cooing like a dork.

  • I give him hugs whenever he looks sad. Given his floppy face and hanging jowls, this amounts to a lot of extra attention.

Follow these tips, and you and your dog will be on the way to a beautiful relationship.

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