This is a small bar located between Bell and Blanchard on 2nd, in Belltown, Seattle. It is a good place. Where else can you get your choice of 6 different kinds of hotdogs (from Brot to Veggie), served on a Gai's white bread roll (with optional cheeze drizzel), a rainier pounder, all for $4?

But wait, that's not all. Surrounding you on all sides are Cool Video Games, though they did take out that really old one that I liked (forget the name, it involved spinning around a vector graphics 3-d pit, shooting stars at weird spikes and so forth that grow up towards you. Then you teleport through space onto the next (faster) level). But it is reminiscent of a hangout of old, or from the East Coast I presume, as they say "Coney Island" in various places. I am not sure what this really means, having only heard of Coney Island in movies or books.

It is directly next door the the Noodle house, and one store down from Mama's Mexican Kitchen.

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