Sherbrooke is a small hamlet-like town in Nova Scotia, Canada. The community is one of the most historically intact places, and almost all of it is a designated historical site.

It is the home of Sherbrooke Village, a historical plantation house which employs actors and costume makers to reincarnate the lifestyle of the 17 and 1800s in as accurate a way as possible; some of the attractions for visitors (as of 8 years ago, when I was last there) include butter churning, horse and cart rides, hay pitching, and a beautiful farm with wonderfully cared-for animals. There is also, very close to the town, a quaint little campground called Nimrod's Rest which qualifies as one of my only memories from that whole part of my life.

Finally, a wonderful girl named Amy Hull works there in the summer as a costume designer; if you ever get the chance to meet her, do so. She's a creative, honest, and laid-back person, and she plays some kinda mean guitar. She's also Maritime folk history incarnate. :)

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