Shen Lung

Shen Lung is a school of Chinese Kung Fu of generallySouthern Taoist description. It is very small and rather unassuming. Its fighting style is very soft, but quick and technical.

Shen Lung Kung Fu began as Tien Lung, a Chinese style at least 300 years old and possibly pre-dating the Ming. A tenant of Tien Lung held it could only be taught to Taoists.

In 1948, Master Fu Tsi Wen saw which way the wind was blowing, and got out of China a year before the Communists came in. Considering himself a Taoist missionary – he liked to say that he wasn’t out to convert the world to Taoism, just out to convert the world – he began to walk the earth. By the mid- 1960s, he ended up in Montgomery, Alabama.

One day, he met John Lewis and several of his friends playing basketball. After schooling the teenagers with his feet, he asked them if they would like to learn. In the process of teaching these boys to fight, Master Fu devised Shen Lung Kung Fu. He dropped the requirement of Taoist belief. While the school still studies the Tao, all that is required is belief in something. Because these students had a background in boxing and wrestling and came from a western cultural background, the system integrated these skills and adapted to make an all-inclusive set of tools available to the practitioner.

Eventually, Master Fu continued his journey. Sifu John Lewis continues his master’s tradition, teaching a school of students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with students in Birmingham and Atlanta.

Shen Lung is my school.

We don’t jump around. We don’t compete. We don’t break bricks.

We study the human body. We learn the follow its rhythm, flow with it, and break it.

We seek to bring together in a single person the body of a warrior, the mind of a scholar, and the spirit of a priest.

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