A movie theater located on Shattuck Ave. in downtown Berkeley, CA. It is the largest Berkeley theater in the Landmark Cinemas chain, with 10, or maybe 11 screens. The Shattuck theater tends to show movies that are on the fringes of the mainstream.
It is far superior to the mind-numbing United Artists (or "UA") theater one block down the street that shows strictly mainstream fare, but, because of it's proximity to that theater, is frequently confused with it by semi-retarded theater-goers who wish to watch whatever drivel is currently number one at the box office. This confusion has prompted the creation at the Shattuck of little black buttons that read "The UA theater is down the street".
The people who work at the Shattuck, and, indeed, at all the Landmark Theaters in Berkeley tend to be wonderful, gifted, and unique. Especially Aurelea, who is beautiful as well.

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