They say eyes are windows of the soul,
And I do not beg to differ,
From a child's eyes alone great
Mysteries can be told...

...Where harrowed eyes reveal a deluge of woe,
That wrack and lacerate, in a spate of pain,
Its owners soul for ever more...

...Silent whispers run through an enraptured psyche;
Impulses through a be-spelled mentality,
Bruised only by its purity.

Seven deadly sins, it has never known.
The devil and his nefarious minions,
Have never had a home...

...A face masked with gentility,
Hides a macabre war begun with innocence,
Remembered throughout antiquity...

...The torment of a tortured soul,
More anguish than was ever known.
In a heart where love and faith once resided alone.

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