She sinks like lead within my heart,
Steel claws, cold truth, I'm ripped apart.
Dismissed from thought, abstained from faith,
Shot down from hope, a sullen state.

Still truth be told I tried too hard.
She didn't catch my fragile heart,
And here it fell like shattered glass.
Like ticking time, I let it pass.

And so I follow fate's designs,
A feeble breeze on broken chimes.
Too long it feels to be repealed,
And still cold claws, serrated steel.

This gloom consumes my tomb of flesh.
Forget the rest, I'm second best.


How am I?
I'm fine.

Yes, my backdoor is still jammed,
a latch that is broken and can't be fixed.

I'm fine.

Although there are two stacks of unpaid bills and,
a small mountain of unfinished paperwork on my desk.

I'm fine.

Even though my backyard trees are all shattered:
amputated limbs and piles of stained glass leaves

No, really.
I'm fine


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